News bulletin: Feb 28/17

Cultural Tourism Group photo by Albert Waswa
  • Cultural Tourism Planning group meeting was held today, at the band office. discussing future events. more to come.
  • A Bravo went missing sometime in the early morning AM, Louis Ooshag offers award for any information on its whereabouts.
  • To Parents/Guardians, school pictures are ready for pick up. Those who did family photos, must pay for them before photos are get sent back.
  • Weiban Slipperjack to announced today the Ojibway Spirit Jrs. will be attending The Lake Head University Pow wow in Thunder Bay, next week on Mar 10th-12th.
  • Today Ontario Works were looking for participants to attend a Fire Arms Certificate course on Mar 6th-9th. all who maybe interested should contact the Ontario works office.
  • Volleyball happening at the gym tonight at 8 pm.

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