News Bulletin: March 10, 2017

Mar 9th: Cable and Internet disconnection @ 2 pm 

Mar 9th: it was announced by the Winter Road Management. The winter road is now re-opened. but still urges those who are traveling through to take extra precautions,  in case of emergency.

 Mar 9th: the Cultural tourism planning group held another meeting, planning for an event scheduled in June 16, 

Mar 10th: White Clay North coffee shop has closed it doors, until further notice.

Mar 10th – 12th: Ojibwe Spirit Jrs. Drum group will leave for TBAY, to attend the Lakehead University Powwow

Mar 10th: FAC’s last day for the Fire Arms certificate, the people listed on 2nd group are to attend.

Mar 16th: NAN Climate meeting, w/ the deputy grand chief Derek fox, Environment manager Lydia BigGeorge, Climate Specialist on cap and trade Bill Maloney.

Apr 1st: The Kitchen Inn will be closing to the public of Fort Hope, but the inn will remain open for all out-of-town workers and tourist, who visit the community.


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